Empowering businesses to reach their full potential through business and marketing coaching

At Two Tides, we specialise in comprehensive coaching programmes aimed at unlocking your business’s full potential. Our approach integrates business coaching with our newly introduced marketing coaching services, creating a synergistic effect that enhances our business growth strategy and workshops. By taking a deep dive into both your business drivers, we aim to uncover and maximise every avenue for your desired results.

Through customised strategic planning, we address gaps, remove barriers, and fast track success across all facets of your business. Utilising our experienced business coaches, you can ensure that your strategic plans are implemented and your desired success is achieved.

Coaching to deliver results

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business coaching programme


Dig deep and discover new ways of thinking.

business coaching programme

Identify roadblocks

Create a plan of action that will help you achieve your goals.

business coaching programme

Be accountable

Make changes you need to drive your business forward.

Executive business coaching

Leaders and managers in workplaces are constantly steering through change, influenced by external and internal factors such as market conditions and organisational culture. Their multifaceted role includes strategy, financial management, customer engagement, and team building. To navigate these complex waters, we employ ‘transformational coaching,’ encouraging leaders to explore and challenge their deeply held beliefs and assumptions. This business coaching method enables leaders to adapt their responses, facilitating a more positive and effective approach to leadership.

Monthly leadership coaching will ensure the required support is provided in a one-on-one setting, helping train and empower the individual members of the senior leadership to execute their accountabilities and positively contribute to overall business success. An invaluable element of our training program, these sessions will enhance decision-making capabilities and drive positive change for lasting success in the business environment.

Transformational marketing coaching 

Two Tides marketing coaching transforms marketing professionals, instilling confidence and empowering them to master the complexities of their roles with assurance. By offering expert advice, strategic clarity, and focusing on impactful actions, we guarantee that each marketing initiative is precisely aligned and optimised for your business’s success, fostering growth and expanding market presence.

Just as a personal trainer guides you towards your fitness objectives, our Marketing Coaches partner with your marketing manager or CMO, accelerating their path—and, by extension, your business’s marketing success. Our bespoke, one-on-one coaching model prioritises efforts on the most impactful areas, delivering expedited results, fostering personal development, and ensuring a substantial return on investment.


Accountability and driving results, with JLE

Business coaching to take on the long-term challenges

“The energy, passion, and commitment to helping our senior leadership team succeed really makes it feel like Sharn is one of our team.

Sharn is totally invested in enabling us to be a cohesive, highly engaged team who commit to accountability and drive results.  Sharn thrives on pulling teams together, seeking collaboration and empowering everyone to be their best selves through the value they contribute.
Whether designing strategy, giving solid business advice, or providing business coaching so our team can excel – Sharn really is able to focus on the long term and create strategies that are achievable. 

The ability she has to pull the team together and challenge the status-quo assists in change and setting the scene for the future.  Working with the business and individuals has allowed personal growth and gives the team confidence to take on the longer-term challenges while recognising what needs to be done today to make that happen.”

Michael, CEO – JLE

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