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At times, we need a hand to drive business growth, and that is where our consultants at Two Tides can help.

Working together we design customised solutions to meet unique needs, fostering business growth and success through expert analysis and strategic implementation. We will provide external support and accountability to help you achieve your business growth goals.

Our business growth consultants are

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Sharn Rayner - Business Growth Consulting

Leading and delivering projects

Our projects are tailored to the specific needs of each individual business and can include writing RFPs, designing operational processes, leading workshops from leadership development to sales training, and even assisting in the running businesses on a short-term basis to overcome internal challenges.

We understand the unique challenges that businesses face and we pride ourselves on providing solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Business marketing consulting, amplifying your impact


In the dynamic landscape of business growth, marketing plays a critical role in not only reaching but surpassing your objectives. At Two Tides, our marketing consulting service is tailored to seamlessly integrate with your One Page Business Plan, ensuring that your marketing efforts propel you towards your goals with precision and effectiveness.

Our approach to marketing consulting is holistic and strategic, focusing on aligning your marketing initiatives with your business’s core objectives. From developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompasses brand identity, digital presence, and customer engagement, to tactical execution that ensures every marketing dollar counts, our consultants are dedicated to your success.

Search recruitment

Having the right team onboard is crucial to achieving your business goals. Search recruitment honours the values that your business has set and uphold through your team and culture, and seeks to find the best candidate to help you reach your goals.

Starting with thorough understanding of your organisation and the vacancy you are seeking to fill, our consultants then utilise search platforms, such as, LinkedIn and undertake an advanced search to identify and connect with potential candidates.

Communication is key. Our consultants ensure prompt communication with interested candidates, supplying them with position descriptions and reviewing their CV. Phone conversations and screening are part of our process. A summary of candidates is provided, along with the organising of introductions.

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Driving growth, with GravityLab

Business growth with insight, direction and support

“This has been the most incredible mentor and coach experience.

Two Tides, and Sharn, have helped drive my progress and forever encouraged me on my journey.

Sharn brings a beautiful range of insight, direction, challenge and support.

I couldn’t recommend her enough, I truly trust her with my professional, company and personal endeavours.”

Daniel, CEO – GravityLab

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