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The ‘Start, Stop, Continue’ approach to professional growth in 2024

Sharn Rayner

22 December, 2023

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As the calendar turns, it’s an opportune time for leaders to set the stage for a year of impactful growth and development in leadership skills.

It’s a moment to recalibrate, reevaluate, and renew our approaches to effective leadership. The ‘Start, Stop, Continue’ method presents a structured yet flexible framework for leaders aiming to refine their strategies and establish meaningful habits for the new year, aligning perfectly with leadership growth strategies.

Self-Assessment: Reflecting on your leadership journey

Begin by evaluating your current leadership practices. Ask yourself: which strategies have propelled you forward, and which have held you back? This period of introspection is crucial for setting actionable and insightful goals for the coming year, marking the first step in a journey towards improving leadership skills and professional growth. 

Charting the course: Defining your action steps

1. Start: Initiating positive change

What new habits or strategies can you adopt to elevate your leadership? Consider areas such as communication, delegation, innovation, and personal development. Identify three to five actions you can undertake to cultivate these new practices, embodying the essence of professional development methods.

2. Stop: Eliminating counterproductive habits

Equally important is letting go of practices that don’t serve your leadership or your team’s growth. Identify three to five habits that stifle innovation, hinder communication, or create unnecessary bureaucracy, committing to phasing them out. This is a key aspect of the Start Stop Continue leadership philosophy.

3. Continue: Sustaining Effective Strategies

Reaffirm the practices that have contributed to your success. What are the core actions that resonate with your values and drive performance? Make a conscious decision to keep these strategies active. Again, document three to five of these practices, reinforcing the ‘Continue’ aspect of your leadership growth strategies.

Applying the ‘Start, Stop, Continue’ to support your professional growth

By examining actionable steps for each category, we delve into specific, measurable actions for ‘Start’, ‘Stop’, and ‘Continue’. This approach goes beyond broad resolutions, setting tangible steps that align with your leadership vision, a cornerstone in improving leadership skills.

Draw from your past experiences to contextualise your decisions. These narratives will not only guide your choices but also serve as a teaching tool for your team, illustrating the practical application of professional development methods.

Navigating post-assessment: Implementation and monitoring

The true test of leadership lies in the execution. As you implement your ‘Start, Stop, Continue’ plan, monitor your progress and be ready to adapt as necessary. Regular check-ins and revisions ensure that your strategies remain effective and relevant, a practice at the heart of adaptive leadership growth strategies.

Professional growth with confidence

Armed with a clear plan based on the ‘Start, Stop, Continue’ framework, you are now prepared to lead with intention and adaptability. Embrace the journey ahead, confident that your actions are guided by thoughtful reflection and strategic planning in the realm of leadership growth strategies.

Are you ready to transform your leadership strategy for the new year? Contact Two Tides to discover how our coaching sessions can refine your approach and propel you towards success. Or, if you’re embarking on this journey independently, use this resource as your compass for change.

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