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Rise before the dawn: The 5 AM Club’s strategic edge for business leaders

Sharn Rayner

15 April, 2024

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As a business growth partner closely working with CEOs and business leaders, I’m intimately connected to the narratives of high-growth companies. Through this lens, I’ve observed that significant achievements often stem from simple yet profound daily routine changes. The 5 AM Club, a transformative concept by Robin Sharma, has not only reshaped my life but also holds the potential to revolutionise the approach of business leaders to their days.

The essence of the 5 AM Club

At its heart, the 5 AM Club is about seizing the day from its earliest hours, dedicating the first hour after waking to exercise, self-reflection, and personal growth. This time on yourself leverages the calm of the morning to foster a state of focused creativity, setting a positive tone for the day ahead.

Why it matters for business leaders

For those steering the ship of business, the 5 AM Club presents several compelling benefits:

  • Enhanced Performance: The tranquillity of the morning offers a unique opportunity for you then to move into leadership, strategic thinking and priority setting with a sense of calm and clarity without overwhelm
  • Stress Reduction: Starting the day in a relaxed and composed manner reduces stress, enhancing resilience and balance
  • Cultivating Proactiveness: An early rise instils a proactive mindset, vital for navigating the rapid currents of the business world with strategic insight.

My journey with the 5 AM Club

My own initiation into the 5 AM Club has transformed my mornings into a sanctuary of growth and self-care. Yoga and meditation lay the foundation of a day charged with intention and peace.

This is followed by immersing myself in engaging content that aids my professional growth, from economic analyses by Tony Alexander to the latest leadership insights in the Harvard Business Review, often rounded off with a beach walk with my dog, Vinnie, absorbing a Growth Faculty podcast on business leadership. This routine isn’t merely about physical or intellectual activity, it’s about aligning my day with my core values and aspirations – both personal and professional.

The habit stacking that I have laid out above and inspired by James Clear’s  Atomic Habits, enriches my life, guiding me to be my best self from the start of each day. It ensures my “cup” is filled, ready to support those I work with. The ripple effects are clear: enhanced decision-making, sharpened focus, and a lifestyle that I intuitively know gives me balance. 

To support my commitment to the 5.00am start, I do need to hit the pillow by 10.00pm, to ensure that I have a recharged battery for the day ahead. “Mostly” abstaining from alcohol plays a key role in supporting this routine… I am still working on maintaining this routine during weekends and holidays, I am, like everyone, a work in progress and hey, life is for living!

5am Club dog walk

Implementing the 5 AM Club into your life

More than setting an early alarm, adopting this lifestyle demands a holistic reassessment of your evening routine to ensure quality sleep supports a 5 AM rise. Gradually adjusting your wake-up time can ease this transition, letting your body and mind adapt smoothly.

The true beauty of the 5 AM Club lies in its flexibility. Whether it’s a peaceful yoga session, an enlightening podcast, or simply some quiet time for thought, the objective is to begin your day with purpose.

Beyond the early hours

Joining the 5 AM Club goes beyond waking up early, it’s about how you utilise that extra time, whilst you don’t get a 25 hour day, for me – it can feel like it. The 5 AM Club embodies dedication to personal and professional excellence, serving as a daily affirmation of your commitment to your day, your life, and your success path.

For ambitious business leaders, this practice provides a discreet yet powerful edge. It offers a moment to access your greatest potential, set your intentions, and fuel your journey towards unparalleled achievements.

As you ponder integrating the 5 AM Club into your life, remember: it’s about enriching your life, not merely extending your day. Let the dawn be your ally in crafting a legacy marked by success, balance, and fulfilment.

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