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Experiencing The Wall Walk: 
A journey through Māori history

Jacqui Gage-Brown

10 June, 2024

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In May, I had the privilege of participating in The Wall Walk, an enlightening experience designed to deepen our understanding of New Zealand’s Māori history. Led by the charismatic Dr. Simone Bull, the session was both educational and engaging, providing a unique perspective on the historical events that have shaped Aotearoa.

The Wall Walk is a room-based workshop that takes participants through key moments in New Zealand’s history, focusing on Māori-Crown relations. This immersive experience is not a physical walk but a journey through time, fostering a greater appreciation of the Māori heritage and its impact on our present and future.

Dr. Simone Bull’s delivery was exceptional. Her ability to connect with the audience and present complex historical events in a relatable manner made the experience truly memorable. The interactive nature of the workshop, with participants contributing to the discussion, enhanced learning and encouraged self-discovery.

During our Sport Waikato session, Simone provided the team with homework, dividing us into groups to present sections of the history. This method of involvement was highly effective, as it allowed participants to teach what they had learned. Some groups used videos, others sang songs, and some had us sort through timelines to reconstruct events. The variety of presentations gave us a profound understanding of personal encounters during this time.

Dr Simone Bull

For CEOs and leaders committed to understanding and honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi, The Wall Walk offers valuable insights. It raises awareness, promotes action to improve Māori outcomes, and fosters a peaceful understanding through a neutral yet impactful presentation of history.

I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of New Zealand’s unique history. The Wall Walk is more than just a workshop; it’s a step towards building stronger, more informed communities.

If you would like to explore how you can integrate The Wall Walk into your workplace cultural development, please speak to our Two Tides team, or visit Dr Simone Bull’s website.

The Wall Walk