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Charting your course for 2024: Blending personal ambitions with professional aspirations

Sharn Rayner

15 December, 2023

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As the new year beckons, it’s not just a fresh calendar we’re turning over but a fresh chapter in our personal and professional lives. It’s the perfect time to ponder over the growth we aspire to achieve and how we’ll steer that journey. But how often do we chart a path that aligns the personal with the professional?

That’s where the Golden Triangle – a framework for harmonising your life’s work with your life’s joys – comes into play. It’s a strategy that doesn’t just ask where you want to go, but also, crucially, why and how you’ll get there.

Understanding personal and professional alignment

Imagine your personal and professional goals as threads in a tapestry. When woven together, they create a stronger, more coherent picture of your future. This isn’t about sacrificing one for the other; it’s about ensuring they complement each other. The Golden Triangle is your loom for this task, helping you to intertwine these threads seamlessly.

Developing the Golden Triangle roadmap

The Golden Triangle is broken down into three key areas.

  1. Legacy (Purpose): This is the soul of your goals. Why do you get up in the morning, and what mark do you want to leave? This is about understanding what success truly means to you in life, and defining your ultimate objectives and aspirations.
  2. Freedom (Time): Here’s where you allocate your most precious resource – time. The focus here is where you wish to invest your time, whether it’s learning a new skill, spending time with loved ones, or leading your team to success.
  3. Abundance (Currency): The fuel for your journey. It’s not crass to talk cash; it’s practical. Your financial milestones for each quarter are the means to sustain your legacy and enjoy your freedom.

Together, these three aspects will help you navigate your priorities for 2024, to ensure you create a balanced approach towards achieving your envisioned success.

Implementing the plan with quarterly milestones

With your roadmap outlined, it’s time to look at what milestones you need to achieve each quarter. What will the outcome be at the end of each quarter? And, from here, what specific actions will you take each quarter to hit those milestones?

It’s time to delve into the specific actions you will undertake each quarter, to help you achieve your goal milestones.

Skills and Experiences: Look at what capabilities you need to develop and improve on. Maybe it’s a leadership course in Q1, a digital marketing seminar in Q2, or a team-building retreat in Q3. Plan it out.

Practice Development: It’s not just about learning; it’s doing. Apply your new skills in real-world scenarios so that you can test what you’ve learned.

Charting your course for 2024
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Taking the Leap

So, there you have it. A roadmap that integrates the Golden Triangle into planning your growth for 2024. Remember, this isn’t about packing your days with tasks; it’s about packing your life with meaning. And with the Golden Triangle in your corner, you’re all set for a year that’s as rewarding personally as it is professionally.

Keen for a chat about your 2024 roadmap? Contact our team at Two Tides today to find out how your leadership team can benefit from annual planning and coaching.