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Transforming digital workflows for the screen sector

Sharn Rayner

18 October, 2023

Case Studies

Two Tides was engaged by The Rebel Fleet to support the company as a business strategist and business coach during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Rebel Fleet was one of the many businesses that received government funding to assist New Zealand businesses impacted by the pandemic, with the aim of helping them to not just survive, but to thrive.

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Challenge and Opportunity:

Mike, one of the directors of The Rebel Fleet, recognised the need to scale the business internationally to reduce its reliance on film productions in New Zealand. The leadership team saw the potential to expand their metadata management capabilities and platform (Sidecar) on a global scale, with the goal of enabling creatives to have the freedom to create.

Sidecar ensures that creatives no longer lose hours and days trying to find, make sense of and use the data to support the film making process. The Rebel Fleet leveraged its competitive differentiators to seize opportunities in the market and in their niche, and are revolutionising the screen industry.


Two Tides partnered with The Rebel Fleet’s leadership team to:

  • Define the company’s identity and growth path through strategic planning, including determining the core client, core competencies, core values, and competitive differentiators
  • Diversify their offering from a people on the ground service to one that leveraged technology and AI to maximise efficiency and use of metadata inputs across the screen industry
  • Map the talent required to execute the strategic plan including bringing on board phenomenal developers and engineers to build out Sidecar and supporting products and services – creating customised solutions for different types of screen productions
  • Expand internationally with a Managing Director and sites throughout Australia, into the UK and America – with further plans for global growth
  • Build a functional senior leadership team with clear accountabilities enabling faster, more efficient and highly effective decision making and productivity which escalate growth further
  • Increasing their presence on the global stage at industry events – recently Mike presented at the Netflix international conference and will be a speaker at HPA in Hollywood
  • Develop thought leadership content to establish authority in the field
  • Two Tides and The Rebel Fleet meet annually and quarterly for strategic planning and reviews, and the CEO and Managing Director have weekly coaching sessions


The Rebel Fleet has achieved impressive results, including:

  • Turnover growth from FY20 to FY23 – 229% increase. Net profit growth – 1,223% increase. Net Profit Margin: 7.8% – 31.2% an increase of 23.4%
  • High levels of work with international studios, the core client (Netflix, Disney, Warner Brothers, Endeavour Content, Blumhouse, Amazon and more)
  • Taking their proprietary product Sidecar global to increase efficiencies of screen productions [a bit like Intel in your computer, Sidecar makes better productions]
  • A positive outlook for the future as they live their core purpose “We give the creatives the freedom to create” and striving towards their BHAG “Sidecar will be the # 1 data insights product connecting the dots and guiding screen sector decisions (people, finances, systems) by 2032.”

Two Tides’ Business Strategy and Business Coaching:

As a business strategist and business coach, Two Tides helped The Rebel Fleet define its identity and growth path, expand internationally, and build a high-performing leadership team.

Two Tides leveraged its expertise and the Gravitas Impact 7 Attributes of Agile Growth framework to support The Rebel Fleet’s success.