Empowering Hospitality Operators with Mille

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Empowering hospitality operators with Millé

Sharn Rayner

1 June, 2023

Case Studies

Gerrick, the Owner and Design Director of Millé, established his company with a deep love and pride for the hospitality industry.

With years of experience in hospitality businesses, Gerrick understands that the vibe and feel of a venue can greatly influence the experience of its visitors and determine whether they return or recommend others.

Empowering Hospitality Operators with Mille

Challenge and Opportunity:

When Gerrick first reached out to Two Tides, he was partnering with many small, first-time venue owners who often had limited experience and high fees to bring their venues to life.

To differentiate Millé from other interior design companies, Gerrick needed a strategy to define the company’s identity and growth path.


Two Tides partnered with Millé to create a comprehensive business strategy, which included:

  • Defining the company’s core client, core competencies, core values, and competitive differentiators
  • Determining the right skill sets, experiences, and personalities to help Gerrick step away from the day-to-day operations of the business
  • Creating a leadership team that was highly engaged and enthusiastic about working on the business
  • Holding annual and quarterly strategic planning and review sessions, as well as monthly coaching sessions with the Owner/Design Director
  • Addressing all areas of the business to fast track growth using the Gravitas Impact 7 Attributes of Growth framework – strategy, leadership, talent, customer, profit, execution and systems; and determining activity to drive the business forward in all areas


The results of the business strategy and coaching have been significant for Millé, including:

  • Turnover growth in 3 years: 129%, net profit growth: 350%
  • A clear understanding of who Millé is and what they do – a hospitality interior design company that empowers hospitality operators to turn their dreams into profitable realities
  • Development of passive income/revenue lines to the business
  • Highly profitable work with multi-site established business owners and commercial development groups
  • A highly engaged, productive, and high-performing team

Two Tides’ Business Strategy and Business Coaching:

The business strategists and coaches at Two Tides have helped Millé achieve substantive results.

With a highly engaged and dedicated team, Millé is poised for continued growth and success as the design interior leader in the hospitality industry across New Zealand.