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JLE’s transformative journey with Two Tides

Sharn Rayner

1 August, 2023

Case Studies

Eager to bring his senior business unit leaders together at JLE, a prominent industrial electrical and mechanical company, Mike the CEO wanted to see a collaborative and supportive unit who would execute the strategic plans and help him realise his goals for the business specific to growth and the values that he believed in.

Working together, the senior leadership team at JLE has made significant strides in terms of overall business performance. They establish and commit to each annual strategy, drive with confidence towards their big picture goals, achieve financial targets, hire and retain high performing employees, create an engaged workforce, enhance and streamline their operational processes and systems, increase their client base – with their ideal clients. All of combined means they are working projects that truly reflect their core competencies.

JLE Empowering Success

Challenge and Opportunity:

JLE saw the potential for growth through aligning and establishing a cohesive, focused leadership team and improving team engagement and communication.

Two Tides saw this as an opportunity to help JLE reach new heights and establish their position as a leader in the industrial electrical and mechanical industry.


  • Leadership team coaching: The first step was to work closely with the senior leadership team to establish a clear strategic plan, which is reviewed on a monthly basis. The leadership team receive personalised coaching to help them excel by overcoming their individual challenges and barriers to success.
  • Defining company identity: Two Tides worked with JLE to define the company’s core client, core competencies, core values, and competitive differentiators. This has helped JLE stand out in their market to their ideal clients.
  • Utilising the Gravitas Impact 7 Attributes of Growth framework: Two Tides supported JLE in enhancing all aspects of the business through business consulting and the Gravitas Impact 7 Attributes of Growth framework. This framework focuses on strategy, leadership, talent, customer, profit, execution, and systems and was used to drive forward progress and rapid growth.
  • Developing future leaders: To aid succession planning, Two Tides provided business coaching to JLE’s high potential future leaders, helping them to become effective leaders in their own right.
  • Sales performance training: To further support JLE’s growth, Two Tides has trained managers across the business on sales performance, providing them with the skills and knowledge they needed to succeed.


The results of Two Tides’ business strategy, business consultancy and business coaching have supported JLE achieve some significant results. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Establishing JLE as a leader in the industrial electrical and mechanical specialists field, with a high retention level of clients and repeat opportunities.
  • Significantly lifting engagement across all levels of the workforce, with exceptional survey results reflecting a highly engaged team. The employees rated leadership in the company as 92% in the February 2023 engagement responses.
  • Improving the company’s reputation as an employer of choice, making it easier to attract and retain top talent.
  • Boosting revenue by 150% and EBITDA by approximately 50%, demonstrating the impact of the company’s focus on growth.
  • Developing a cohesive and accountable senior leadership team, equipped with the skills and strategies to drive future success.
  • Succession planning for future growth, with high potential employees receiving coaching and training to prepare for leadership roles.
  • Enhancing sales performance through training for managers across the business.
  • Implementing systems and processes that support rapid and sustainable growth.

Two Tides’ Business Strategy and Business Coaching:

Two Tides’ Business Strategists, Business Consultants and Business Coaches have helped JLE make significant improvements in team communication and overall business performance, resulting in increased financial success and a more engaged workforce.

JLE is now poised for continued growth and leadership in the industrial electrical and mechanical industry.