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Achieving your marketing goals with Two Tides coaching

Jacqui Gage-Brown

26 February, 2024

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We are well schooled on the importance of setting clear and achievable business goals, and in today’s rapidly changing marketing environment it is more crucial than ever.

However, understanding how to reach these goals can often seem like navigating a ship through foggy waters. This is where Two Tides coaching comes into play, offering a lighthouse of guidance, strategy, and support. Armed with your One Page Business Plan, our coaches can steer your marketing individual towards the metrics, outcomes, and deliverables required.

The journey towards achieving marketing excellence begins with the establishment of clear, measurable goals. Yet, the path to these goals is often fraught with challenges, from shifting market dynamics to internal resource constraints.

Two Tides marketing coaching is designed to support marketing managers in mid-sized businesses, providing the expertise, tools, and encouragement needed to navigate these challenges and achieve their marketing objectives.

Elevating marketing in mid-sized businesses

Imagine Alex, a marketing manager at a mid-sized tech company. Despite having a strong vision for the company’s marketing direction, Alex struggles with limited resources, a lack of strategic clarity, and the challenge of aligning marketing efforts with the company’s broader business goals. Enter Two Tides coaching.

Through a series of targeted sessions, Alex and the Two Tides Marketing Coach work together to define clear marketing objectives aligned with the company’s growth ambitions.

They identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress and develop a strategic marketing plan that leverages both digital and traditional channels for maximum impact. As a result, Alex not only sees an improvement in marketing outcomes but also gains confidence in their role, becoming a more effective and strategic leader within the organisation.

Two Tides’ point of difference

Unique market position

Two Tides stands out by offering specialised marketing coaching tailored to the needs of marketing managers in mid-sized businesses, and building on the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™. This focus ensures that our coaching is relevant, practical, and directly aligned with the unique challenges and opportunities these businesses face.

Seamless integration

Our marketing coaching integrates seamlessly with existing Two Tides strategic business planning and coaching programmes, creating a holistic development experience. This integration supports the individual’s growth journey, ensuring that marketing strategies are not only effective but also harmoniously aligned with the company’s overall business strategy.

Accountable leadership development

A key focus of our coaching is on developing personal skills that foster accountable leadership. We believe that empowering marketing managers to take ownership of their strategies, decisions, and results is crucial for sustainable business growth and success.

Achieving business goals

With Two Tides marketing coaching, marketing managers like Alex, who may not have oversight from a CMO or sit in that role, become equipped to deliver results and meet ambitious targets. Our coaching methodology emphasises building a focused sales and marketing system that aligns with the business’s goals, ensuring that every marketing effort contributes directly to the company’s success.

By holding individuals accountable and providing continuous support and guidance, we help marketing managers navigate obstacles and capitalise on opportunities, driving meaningful growth for their businesses.

Let’s connect

Two Tides marketing coaching is more than just a pathway to achieving immediate marketing successes; it’s about building the foundations for sustainable growth and developing the leadership skills essential for marketing managers to thrive.

By focusing on clear goal setting, strategic planning, and personal empowerment, Two Tides coaching ensures that marketing managers are not just reaching their targets but are also evolving into strategic leaders who will shape the future of their businesses. Let’s connect and find out how a marketing coach would work for you.