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10 questions to ask a business coach

Sharn Rayner

17 May, 2023

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Not all business coaches are created equal – before engaging a coach be sure that you are confident that they are the right partner for you on your road to success.

The following checklist contains questions to ask a business coach that will help you determine whether they have the experience and expertise to help you unlock your business potential and the ability to support the achievement of your personal and professional aspirations.


Here are 10 questions to ask a potential business coach:

1. What experience and qualifications do you have as a business coach?

Seeking information about background and credentials as a business coach, including relevant experiences and any formal qualifications or certifications. You are aiming to assess the expertise and suitability for guiding your business towards future success.

2. How do you keep up to date with the latest trends in business, strategy and coaching?

What methods are used for staying informed about current developments in business, strategy, and coaching.

3. Tell me about the businesses that you work with now?

What types of businesses does the business coach currently work with? Is there cross-over from the situations being experienced in this business with your own?

4. How have you helped your clients grow their business and develop further as leaders?

Understanding the track record in facilitating business growth and leadership development, will provide evidence to as to whether they are the right coach to support you.

5. How do your business coaching and strategy programmes work?

What does their programme look like? Do they take a holistic approach to the business or work on a single area within the business. We recommend a year-on-year strategy, breaking the year into quarters and aligning with the overall business goals.

6. What is your understanding of my industry and the challenges it faces?

Does the coach have experience in your industry? And if not, have they researched and explored challenges facing your industry?

7. How do you measure the success of your coaching engagements?

Discover what the measurements of success are for the coach? Are they driven by financial data, emotional factors, or a combination of ROI and non-financial drivers.

8. Can you share references from current clients and the impact you have made as their business coach?

Ask for testimonials or contacts from current clients, these will help validate the positive influence the business coach has had and give you a chance to speak with fellow business owners who have engaged this coach.

9. What is your fee structure and what services are included in your business coaching programme?

Understand what is inside scope, and what is outside of scope. Will you be billed by the hour or a monthly fee?

10. What is your availability to start working together?

Determining when the business coach can start is also important. If you are ready to begin your journey, you need to make sure they too are available to start (and not have to wait 6-months).

Think you may want to hire a business coach for your business?

If you’re wondering if partnering with a business coach is a good idea for your stage of business growth, and whether the investment is going to be worth it, please read this article which explains what business coaching is, what a business coach does, and why you should consider getting one to grow your business faster.

Sometimes people aren’t sure what to expect when meeting with prospective businesses coaches. We recommend jumping onto a call and see if you connect.

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Checklist for Business Coach